Sparkling - Responsive News and Magazine Blogger Template

Download - Sparkling v1.0 - Responsive News Magazine Blogger And Blogspot Theme

Sparkling Responsive News Magazine Blogger Template is a minimalist Theme Design from wordpress. This BLogger Theme feature like slider from unslider, and support RTL and elegant look build with Skeleton and Bootstrap Responsive and more. This Blogger template is 100% responsive, 3 column post, sidebar, and footer and colored red and white.

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Sparkling Blogger Template Feature

  •  100% Fully Responsive
  •  100% Mobile Friendly
  •  Support RTL
  •  3 Column
  •  Unslider
  •  Optimize
  •  100% SEO Friendly
  •  Search Box
  •  Bootstrap
  •  Skeleton
  •  Document

Live Preview  Download


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